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Livid Instruments has been crafting custom controllers in Austin, Texas since 2004, and offers a line of commercially available control surfaces and DIY products through dealers and distributors worldwide.

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We take attention to detail very seriously in the creation of our products and only select the highest quality parts and materials for production. All the wood used in our instruments are hand picked and all components are custom designed for maximum performance and durability. With a set of open source hardware and software tools, we encourage other artists and the creative community to adapt our products to their specific needs. Livid's mission is to empower artists to create with a sense of inventiveness and experimentation.


• While studying at The University of the Arts, Jay Smith designs his first controller in his parents basement. The result is the Editar, an expressive interface and software for editing and mixing video and audio samples in real-time.

• Jay performs with Tony Lannutti, and Jamie Stem of Sinch as Ocular Noise Machine, an experimental audio video ensemble.
•  The Editar evolves into the Viditar with a new body and MIDI output is added.
• Jay joins the rock band Sinch as the fifth member and Viditar player, adding live video mixing to the live performance.

• Sinch releases their self titled album on RoadRunner Records and begins touring with Stone Sour, Chevelle, Epidemic, and Seether.

• Jay meets Peter Nyboer, creator of Yowstar, a Max/MSP based media mixing software and collaborates with Peter on the Viditar software.
• Travis Redding, instrument maker and Zynth inventor meets Jay after a show in Houston. Jay and Travis begin collaboration.
• Viditar featured in Wired and Apple’s Hot News

• Jay speaks at SXSW on a panel for Laptop Music.

• Travis and Jay begin building his Viditar’s out of wood in Austin, Texas.
• Peter and Jay begin work on a new visuals software (later becomes Livid Union).
• Livid Instruments is created

• Travis, Peter, and Jay create the first consumer designed mutlimedia instrument for audio and video, the Tactic.
• Primus tours with an early prototype of the Tactic and Union for their Tour De Fromage tour.
• Livid establishes its first shop in Austin, TX
• Livid Union v1 is released
Livid Design is established to power tours for, artists including Juanes, The Source Awards, Chayanne, and Hilary Duff.
• Jay and Tony Lannutti appear on “The Screen Saver’s” show on Tech TV


Tactic m2 is commercially available for purchase directly from Livid Instruments.
• Livid Union 1.5 is released
• Batch Export Utility, a freeware compression app is released


• Union 2.0 is introduced.
Hybrid HG guitar/controller is shown at summer NAMM
• VX rack mounted control surface is created


Cell VJ software is released.
• Livid released the original Ohm MIDI control surface. The Ohm is available through dealers in 13 countries
• Livid’s manufacturing shop in Austin is expanded to include automated PCB assembly, metal and wood CNC machines, and everything needed to assemble and finish products in house.


Cell DNA is released.
Livid Looper, open source audio software is released.
• Work begins on the Ohm64.


Ohm64 is released.
OhmSound and open source FM synth for the Ohm64 is released.
• Block is released.


Builder series of Do-it-Yourself controller building released.
• Ohm64 Customizer, online customization application released.

• Remote maps made available for Traktor Pro, Ableton Live, Arkaos Grand VJ, Propellerhead's Reason and Record, Renoise, MLRV, and Cuelux.

• Livid OEM manufactures the Enlighten Control Wing dmx/MIDI controller for Mega Control Systems.


• Tweaker is designed for Electrix.
• The OhmRGB is released
• Livid OEM manufactures a line of controllers for Music Computing.
• Block Station with ipad dock is released.
• Custom controller with MIDI modules is designed for STS9.
• Livid opens its new manufacturing facility in Austin, TX.
• The XPC expansion controllers are released.
• Livid OEM manufactures eurorack eclosures for Sound Modular.
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