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The block is a portable instrument with all the essential controls needed in one tidy package. Proficient with many different software applications, the block is shaped to easily integrate into your setup. The bi-directional communication of the instrument allows for a wide range of uses from DJing and producing, to composing and sequencing, and creating live visuals. It is completely reprogrammable and can adapt to suit your needs.
“The Block is a well-built, mini alternative to the more mainstream matrix-style controllers.”
- Music Radar

Scripts and templates are available for many popular software titles like Ableton Live, Propellerhead's Reason and Record, Traktor, Cell DNA, and many more for total plug and play performance. Completely driverless and class-complaint, the block's open-minded nature proves endless possibilities to push the boundaries of computer music and multi-media. There is a growing community of open source applications and patches for programs like Max/MSP, Max for Live, and PD, that open up new creative possibilities. The versatility of reprogrammable MIDI settings means you don't have buy an new piece of gear and learn a new layout when you try out new software and ideas.

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Whether you are sequencing in Live, triggering cue points in Traktor, or playing a synth in Reason, the block provides a portable interface for integrating with your setup and switching between applications. The open source Block Editor application provides an interface for changing MIDI assignments of the buttons sliders and LEDs to totally customize your setup


Block is designed for total portability. Weighing in at only 3 lbs (1.36 kg), the block is crafted from sleek anodized aluminum, and hand finished wood available in many finishes and species. The 10.25” (26cm) square by 1.5” (3.8cm) body fits snugly into a laptop case or backpack. Powered by a single USB cable, you can do a whole set on your laptop without even plugging into the wall!

Block is designed with a perfectly square layout allowing it to be controlled from all sides. The 8x8 keypad and 8 knobs give you the essential controls you need for almost any software. Two faders, seven function buttons, and an extra large tap tempo button are provided to control presets, banks, effects, and are completely reprogrammable.

The block is constructed with a streamlined and lightweight aluminum body with hand finished wood end caps. The sleek design and construction of the block makes it stand up to the rigors of the road and stand out in a market filled with cheaply made plastic controllers.

MIDI In and Out
The Block has a standard 5-pin MIDI In and Out ports, giving you the ability to control other instruments and devices. Analog midi gear, sequencers, samplers, sensors, or custom made controllers can all be controlled with the Block. Other MIDI devices can also be connected to the Block MIDI input allowing you to easily integrate the Block into your existing setup. You can also control multiple computers at once by using both the USB and MIDI output connection simultaneously.

The Block Editor provides an interface for changing the MIDI assignments of the Ohm64 buttons, knobs, sliders, and LEDs. Sliders and knobs can send out a variety of combinations of control and pitchbend data. Buttons can send out note or controller messages.

Home Grown

All of our controllers are hand crafted by us in our Austin, TX manufacturing shop. Our products are constructed and assembled by the same people designing and servicing them, so great care goes into each and every controller. All of our products are manufactured lead-free using only top quality parts and components.


We have a growing library of applications, tools, and open source patches available for the block. Our own development team and our growing user community have contributed to this library with Max for Live devices such as Livid Step, to custom Remote Scripts for Ableton Live. All of the people building and designing our controllers are also using and supporting them, and our active community continues to expand the possibilities and uses for the instrument.


• 9" x 9.5" x 2" (WDH) / weight 3 lbs.
• USB Powered
• MIDI in and out jacks
• Bi-Directional MIDI communication (talkback)
• Class-compliant: no drivers needed for Mac, Windows, or Linux.
• 64 Programmable backlight buttons for talk-back and interactive performance
• Programmable MIDI mapping allows you to change the MIDI settings on the hardware
• Anodized Aluminum Body
• Open Source software tools to create your own LED talkback interaction
• Editor included for MIDI editing, and LED talkback programming
• Made in the USA
• Compatible with any software that supports MIDI learn
• ROHS compliant
• USB cable included


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