Brain v2 $189
Brain jr. $49
Omni Board $15
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Livid Builder is a line of Do-It-Yourself parts that make it easy for makers to design their own physical computing devices and MIDI control surfaces using buttons, knobs, encoders, velocity pads, arcade buttons, accelerometers, faders, other sensors, and talkback LED’s. The easy-to-use Brain V2, Brain jr., and Omni Board allows you to easily configure and create a MIDI control device using modular circuit boards that can be organized and arranged into customized setups and configurations.

"The Livid Builder series allows you to step out of the box and create a midi controller that fits your own needs and aesthetics. I had no previous experience with DIY electronic projects, but by being open to learn and paying attention to detail, I was able to put my own controller together in the precise way I wanted.
Livid Instruments, literally, helped make my dream come true. They can do the same for you."
- Nick Francis, Inventor of the Choppertone


The Livid Builder line is inspired by our own desires to create custom controllers using quality production-grade parts, without the need to create custom circuit boards for every design. Even if you have no experience with electronics we have designed the Builder series and provide tutorials to make it easy for beginners and productive for advanced hackers.

Brain V2
The Builder Brain v2 is the central device in the Builder line of products. Connect components to the Brain and turn your collection of parts into a MIDI controller. The Brain is “USB-powered class-compliant MIDI” and converts digital and analog signals into MIDI output and receives MIDI input to control LEDs. It can also be operated without a USB host, using an optional 5V power supply. With user-programmable MIDI output, this board can control up to 64 analog inputs, 128 Buttons, and 192 LEDs with added components for bright LEDs. Components are easily connected with ribbons cables and we’ve created the Omni Board to allow dozens of layouts with a single circuit board.

"Powerful, reliable, and well supported; I'm psyched to have a Livid Brain in the heart of my Mojo."


• USB Powered with optional 5v input jack for standalone operation
• Class-compliant no drivers needed
• MIDI in and out jacks
• 128 Buttons
• 64 direct wire analog inputs
• 192 LEDs
• Encoder support
• RGB LED, and LED ring support
• Velocity sensitive FSR support
• Accelerometer support
• Programmable MIDI settings with a software editor via USB
• Dimensions 3.75" x 4.5"
• OEM and quantity discounts available, email us for pricing

Brain jr.

Brain Jr. is a compact and affordable micro controller platform for artists, students, educators, and professional controller builders. Built on our legendary Builder DIY platform, the Brain Jr provides an ultra compact device for connecting sensors, switches, LEDs, and more. A single USB connection powers Brain Jr. and provides driverless, class-compliant MIDI communication to your computer. Brain Jr. provides an ideal educational tool and professional development platform in a ultra-compact, easy-to-use package.

• 16 digital connections (switches, buttons, etc.)
• 16 analog connection (faders, potentiometers, sensors)
• 16 LED connections (monochrome and RGB)
• USB connectivity
• Class compliant, no drivers needed

"Livid's Builder Brain is hands down the best way to go if you're wanting to build a custom midi controller. It blends a complete set of professional options with an ease of use that blows anything else I've used out of the water. Best of all, its reliable, solid, and works perfectly. Plus they are really helpful and are always there to answer questions on their forum. With their latest iteration (version 2), there really isn't anything I can think of that I couldn't build with this. I stand behind Livid 100% and would recommend their product to anyone, from a beginner to a professional."
- Mad Zach - Custommidicontrollers.com


Omni Board

Our Omni boards allow you to create hundreds of different configurations using a single circuit board. You can use rubber buttons, LEDs, rotary potentiometers, 30mm and 60mm faders, encoders, accelerometers, and small and large arcade buttons. Use multiple boards to make your controller as large or small as you'd like. The Omni board's labels make it easy to connect your components and all of the connections are routed to pin headers for easy ribbon cable connectivity.

Omni Board
Dimensions: 4"(w) X 4"(l)

• Encoders
• Rotary Potentiometers
• 30mm Faders
• 60mm Faders
• Rubber Keypads
• LEDs
• Arcade Buttons

User Project Examples

While many off the shelf parts and components can be used to complete your project, we offer a wide range of custom components we have designed specifically for use with the Builder Series.

For a full list of parts and components, please visit our shop.

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