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Code v2 is a flexible and stylish control surface for computer music creation and performance. Its compact grid of 32 endless encoders with LED rings have built-in pushbuttons with addressable LEDs let you "think outside the grid." Code sends and receives MIDI, providing endless possibilities for use with software such as Ableton Live, Max/MSP, Properllerhead's Reason and Record, and NI Traktor, just to name a few. Class-compliant, usb-powered, standalone operation, and completely reprogrammable, Code is an ideal companion to hardware and software for music production.

"Most electronic instruments today suffer from "feature bloat"; manufacturers stick every bell and whistle they can on a product, whether it makes sense or not. Livid gets it: I wanted a box o' knobs, and they made it! Tough, beautiful, hand made and well designed. This thing feels like an instrument. You just want to grab it and play!"
- Bruce Murphy (Men Without Hats)

Weighing in at only 2 lbs and 6" x 11" x 2" (WDH), Code is extremely portable and adaptable, so it will easily integrate with your existing hardware and software. Each encoder on the Code has an LED indicator ring that provides visual feedback on its position. Every encoder also works as a push button and has an LED indicator button below knob, opening up creative possibilities for use as a grid controller and knob controller at the same time. The minimal design and adaptability of Code make this controller a true instrument. Code is crafted at our facility in Austin, TX from sleek anodized aluminum with hand finished wood sides for style and performance.



Total Control
Code provides a new, compact way of interacting with sound by prodviding a grid of knobs that also act as buttons, complete with bi-directional LED feeback. more>

Formed anodized aluminum and hand crafted wood construction. more>

Class compliant MIDI device works with many different softwares. more>

Portable and versitle, Code has USB and standard MIDI in and out ports to fit right in with your existing setup. more>

Technical specifications and details of the of the Code controller. more>


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