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The Ohm64 is an adaptable, programmable, and interactive MIDI control surface designed to give you hands-on control over your performance. High-quality sliders, knobs and buttons provide the interface for creative expression, whether you're mixing samples and synths or DJ'ing a cutting-edge set. Constructed with anodized aluminum and hand-finished wood, the quality is felt down to your fingertips. All of our controllers are proudly hand crafted and assembled for artists by artists in our Austin, Texas shop.

“The Ohm64 has changed the way that I play music and the way that I think about playing music. It's been an incredible tool for helping me evolve the art form of DJ'ing and performing live - it's also re-energized my excitement about music and playing music. I like to think of the combination of the Ohm64 w/ Traktor pro as the "in between spot" of DJ'ing and producing.”
DJ Mitch Bate

The Ohm64 has bi-directional talkback communication allowing the controller to talk to your software, and software to your device. MIDI messages can be sent to the Ohm64 to light up the buttons for an interactive performance. Completely programable and mappable, the Ohm64 provides a flexible control surface that be used with any software or setup. Completely USB powered means you don’t have to worry about adapters and and power strips, and it is plug and play so no drivers are required.


The Ohm64 has scripts for many major audio, video, and lighting software titles like Ableton Live and Traktor, plus a growing community of open source apps that turn the Ohm64 into a digital instrument. more>

USB Powered and Plug and Play
The Ohm64 is completely plug and play and USB powered. No drivers, no wall wart: it works with a single USB cable. more>

High Quality Faders and Knobs
The smoothness of the faders and knobs of the Ohm64 give it a true instrument feel. High quality dual rail sliders and knobs give you precise, hands-on control. more>

MIDI In and Out
MIDI in and MIDI out jacks let you control analog MIDI devices or connect other controllers to your Ohm64. You can also send MIDI from your computer to the Ohm64. more>

Ohm64 Editor
All of the assignments on the Ohm can be changed, remapped, and saved to the Ohm using our open source Ohm64 Editor software. more>

Custom Design
Our controllers are built by hand (with the help of a few robots) in our Austin, Texas shop. We offer over multiple wood finishes and LED color combinations, designed by you, with our online customizer. more>

The same people that make the instruments are there to service support your controllers. Our active community of users are helping grow the library of software and tools. more>

Technical specifications and details of the of the Ohm64 controller. more>


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